The Belt and Road Human Resource Bank

The Belt and Road Human Resource Bank ( is an information platform which accumulates international human resources pool. The platform is developed with an idea of gradual extension from a single point to the whole region. Through HR Bank, we build a global human resources network covering the Belt and Road countries and benefiting the whole world. We aim to promote the orderly flow of international human resources, achieve the efficient allocation of international human resources, and strengthen the deep integration of the international human resources market. HR Bank is a standardized, scientific and international human resources service platform, providing comprehensive human resources solutions (manpower recruitment, deployment, management and skills training) for various corporations, particularly for Chinese enterprises, in the Belt and Road countries.

HR Bank sets up a consultative committee, which consists of experts from NDRC-ICC-OBOR and ICDF Council, to provide guidance and support for overseas business development. With international advanced concepts, insights into the needs of enterprises and combined with relevant regulations, HR Bank provides comprehensive, systematical one-stop employment solutions for the enterprises in the Belt and Road countries. In addition, to improve our customer service and satisfaction, we carry out skills training, provide career path planning and consulting for the workers in the Belt and Road countries.

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