International Culture and Education Exchange

International Arts and Cultural Exchange:

International Arts and Cultural Exchange focuses on bilateral or multilateral exchange activities in arts and cultural sector, by fully implementing the core concept of promoting people-to-people bond in the Belt and Road international cultural communication. We aim to promote orderly flow of arts and cultural factors, achieve efficient allocation of arts and cultural resources as well as improve deep integration of international arts and cultural markets. Our mission is to build a communicative and cooperative platform for various Belt and Road countries and regions. With open communications and close interactions, we establish multi-level and diversified communication mechanisms for arts and cultural cooperation. The role of ICDF is further highlighted in promoting the people-to-people bond under the Belt and Road Initiative.

International Educational Exchange:

The Belt and Road Initiative provides police-making guidelines on international education cooperation in the new era, fundamentally leading a smooth implementation of educational communication and cooperation activities across the globe. The role and responsibility of education in the construction of Belt and Road has been further emphasized. To carry out international educational exchange projects is necessary for optimizing educational resources in a market economy.

Our international educational exchange projects give full play to the concept of BRI community for education, carrying out practical work in various aspects including education connectivity, talents training, educational exchanges and etc. The main tasks involve educational communication and cooperation among the governments of Belt and Road countries and international organizations, innovative researches on international education, international education consulting services, cross-national talents training and other similar activities. Taking full advantages of our resources, we are dedicated to educational integration among different countries, as well as contribute to international talents cultivation following China's National Talent Plan.

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